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Gunjee TV
24/04/11 - Rehab, Kettering - Dunktank and Foam Party
More Bank Holiday Sunday fun, this time from April in Rehab in Kettering! Our friend Leigh had invited us up there and we had a great time, foaming and dunking loads and loads of clubbers! Oh and we got to dunk Leigh too!

Total Update Length - 35mins + 19mins

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Video Clips
gunjee_kettering_240411_01.wmv 121.8Mb
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gunjee_kettering_240411_02.wmv 132.76Mb
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gunjee_kettering_240411_03.wmv 151.48Mb
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gunjee_kettering_240411_04.wmv 143.51Mb
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gunjee_kettering_240411_b01.wmv 143.26Mb
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gunjee_kettering_240411_b02.wmv 150.47Mb
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Buy all 6 videos for £8.00

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