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Gunjee TV
27/01/12 - Oxford - Foam Party with DunkTank!
A new venue for Gunjee! - the Junction in Oxford...but the usual dunking chaos ensued after we fired up the foam cannon and opened up the Dunk Tank!

Total update length 17 mins + 16 mins

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Video Clips
gunjee_oxford_270112_01.wmv 273.74Mb
£2.50 GPB


gunjee_oxford_270112_02.wmv 257.17Mb
£2.50 GPB


gunjee_oxford_270112_b01.wmv 243.4Mb
£2.50 GPB

gunjee_oxford_270112_b02.wmv 253.83Mb
£2.50 GPB

Buy all 4 videos for £6.00
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