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Gunjee TV
26/10/12 Club Vision, Weston - UV Gunge Tank and Dunktank!
It's Halloween 2012! What better excuse to break out the Gunjee Gunge Tank and fill it with glowing UV gunge! That's right - it actually glows as it covers you!

...the videos are now here! If you were there, there's loads more pics on their website! (see below)

The clips are in 720p quality and the total update length is 30 + 17 mins!

Thanks to our friends at Club Vision for the photos in this update.
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Video Clips
gunjee_weston_261012_01.wmv 286.55Mb
£2.50 GPB


gunjee_weston_261012_02.wmv 370.01Mb
£2.50 GPB

gunjee_weston_261012_03.wmv 287.52Mb
£2.50 GPB


gunjee_weston_261012_b01.wmv 213.67Mb
£2.50 GPB


gunjee_weston_261012_b02.wmv 105.62Mb
£2.50 GPB


Buy all 5 videos for £6.00

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