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Media Policy

We video some of our events to sell back to participants via this website (and only via this website, in the Gunjee TV section). This is partly how we keep our event prices low because, indirectly, the media sales subsidise current and future event bookings. We only sell media that has been shot in a controlled area at events such as:

The participants can clearly see that they are being filmed. The camera we use looks like the picture above (although it's not usually being held by Batgirl...) It is as clear as day though (and also it's really heavy, so spare a thought for our cameramen and women!) There are Media Filming Notices/Disclaimers in the area where our cameras are filming and all participants are aware they are being filmed. They are also made aware where they can purchase the media of themselves taking part, by way of our banners, disclaimers and T-shirt logos.

We do sometimes video other events, such as:
These are used for promotional purposes and, in general, the media from these is not sold. You can find some of it on our Youtube page.

We ask that venues allow us to use their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, official websites, etc) to promote the media when we put it online.

We always protect people's Right To Privacy and participants can at any time during events ask not to be filmed. We will ALWAYS obey any such requests - also we will always comply with requests from individuals to remove media of them if they later decide they don't want it on our website (please note this is possible for 'single-person' events like the dunktank but not always possible for multi-person events such as Pool Parties). We always discourage nudity at out events (often despite DJ requests for such) to protect the licenses of venues we are working in - in addition to which, we would not put such media onto Gunjee.

A company/venue can always ask us not to video events, but this must be asked for in advance as it would affect our pricing structure. The media policy detailed above is what Gunjee has always used at all events past and present!

If you have any further questions about gunjee media policies or want to ask us about anything else, please just ask, by calling or e-mailing Leon:


This information last updated on 07/02/2013 at 01:41

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