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Gunjee's Media Work

The photos are from:

Top Left: Our gunge in the 2013 Celebrity Big Brother Dunk Tank on Channel 5
Top Right: Our Gunge on the Channel 4 'Home For The Holidays' assault course (2011)
Left: Ashleigh on Big Brother UK (2012) covered in our gunge on Channel 5!

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If you've seen the photos and videos of our events here on you'll know we don't do things in half measures! As we've spent years perfecting our gunge recipe, it will probably come as no surprise that even TV Production Companies come to us when they need something messy!

In 2011 we worked with Monkey Kingdom (the production company behind 'Home for the Holidays' on Channel 4 in December 2011) to provide over 700 litres of gunge for two pools on an outdoor assault-course. You can read about it over here.

Then in 2012 (and now 2013) we've been working behind-the-scenes with Endemol (the world's largest independent production company) for Big Brother UK (2012) and Celebrity Big Brother UK (2012) and 2013 - providing gunge for several of their 'tasks' (you can see links to the videos below) and also trialling some ideas for tasks that didn't quite make it on-screen.

At the end of 2012 we were also contracted by ITV to help with the set-piece at the end of 2012's Text Santa - allowing Mark Wright to splashdown into a lot of red gunge at the bottom of a slide!

Then, at the start of 2013 Celebrity Big Brother were back on the phone wanting supply, handling and removal of 1000+ litres of gooey red/pink gunge (several times), as well as 900+ litres of 'fake' honey! When we put our mind to it we can do most things gooey and messy! Then finally (so far) for 2013 The Big Fat Quiz Of The 90's called up and asked to hire our Gunge Tank for their big finale! And it turns out Jimmy Carr was the unlucky celeb wbho was gunged by Jet (from Gladiators)

VIDEO LINK: Celebrity Big Brother 2013 - The Gunge Dunk Tank - we supplied approx 1000 litres of red/pink gunge for the celebs to be suspended above and dropped into!

VIDEO LINK: *Video to follow* Text Santa 2012 - The Gunge Slide/Pool - we supplied 2000+ litres of red gunge on a very tight time-frame for ITV's Text Santa!

VIDEO LINK: Big Brother 2012 - The task with no task - If you want four buckets of perfect gunge you call a company that make 1000's of buckets of gunge each year!

VIDEO LINK: Big Brother 2012 - Ducking hell - 300 litres of gunge (green and blue) loaded into toilet bowls for a fun task!

VIDEO LINK: Celebrity Big Brother 2012 - The Majority Rules Pt1 - We supplied 250 litres of perfect green gunge for a celebrity gameshow in the garden!

VIDEO LINK: Celebrity Big Brother 2012 - The Majority Rules Pt2

VIDEO LINK: Celebrity Big Brother 2012 - The Majority Rules Pt3

As well as working on TV shows we've worked for various web-based production companies:


VIDEO LINK: You Can't Do That On The Internet

...and we have a few more in our portfolio as well. We know that our competitors in the nightclub industry have tried to use this information against us in the past, but hopefully the details above will explain all you need to know, and reassure you that we're a professional, reputable company.

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